Paragone Presents Celestial Nometry

Paragone Presents Celestial Nometry by Paragone, Leech, Sume, 33 Status, Pawncho, Vizion & The Beastman

Eastern Society by Paragone for Celestial Productions

Released on limited edition CD. Originally released in 2005, sold out and re-released again in 2017 with full cover art and bonus tracks. Featuring 9th Prince, Timbo King, Bronze Nazareth, William Cooper, Blue Raspberry, Solomon Childs, Leech and many more… Executive Producer: ParagoneArtwork design and layout: Paragone Eastern Society by Celestial Productions

Chi King The Big Hiest

Album bio we designed for Chi King

Chief Kamachi

Banner Ad Design we created for Chief Kamachi

Blam DVD – Jim Jones

Blam DVD cover we designed for Shea Davis

Blam DVD – Shea Davis

Blam DVD cover we designed for Shea Davis

The Wisemen

Promo ad we designed for The Wisemen

Bronze Nazareth

Collage we designed for Bronze Nazareth


Website we designed and developed for Modern Day Warriorz and Chozin.


Website we designed and developed for PremiereHipHop.com

Voodoo Core

Logo we illustrated for Shaka Amazulu The 7th

Kevlaar 7

Logo we illustrator for the late great Kevlaar 7


Logo we illustrator for Barbaric

Stone Messiah

Logo we illustrated for Stone Messiah

Canibus And Keith Murray Are The Undergods

Album artwork we designed for Canibus and Keith Murray

Wuminati Seven Ep 2

Artwork we illustrated for Black Stone Of Mecca