Frederick Cuffie Jr., professionally known by his stage name 60 Second Assassin, is an American rapper from New York, who is a member of Wu-Tang Clan affiliated group Sunz of Man.[1] He has released his debut solo studio album Remarkable Timing on June 22, 2010 via Holy Toledo Productions/Sound Records & Entertainment.

Longtime Wu-Tang affiliate and member of spin-off crew Sunz of Man, 60 Second Assassin may be unknown to the masses, but any serious Shaolin head has been onto him for many years, thanks to his appearances on much-loved records from Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Raekwon the Chef, among others. On his long awaited debut solo piece, he continues to do what he does best, rocking ferocious flows that balance world-weary criminology tales with surprisingly intellectual breakdowns, mixing religious references with straight thug-isms. Produced mostly by longtime compatriot Bronze Nazareth (the RZA does contribute one track), the musical backdrops are reminiscent of that classic Wu vibe, with an abundance of dirty drums, melancholy string and organ loops, chopped funk jams, and subtle vocal clips. Immensely enjoyable — and sure to satisfy any old-school Wu-Tang fanatics. Standouts include the upbeat banger “Sword Style,” posse cut “War Zone (Remix)” with La the Darkman, RZA, Timbo King, and Prodigal Sunn, plus “The Throne” with Planet Asia.

Client: Holy Toledo Productions, Sound Records & Entertainment
Year: 2010