“The Stone Age” is Stoneface’s highly anticipated debut album produced entirely by Amityville, Long Island’s BP,

who has produced entire albums for Black Market Militia’s William Cooper, Killarmy’s 9th Prince and The Firm’s Nature. Stoneface’s story begins on the rough streets of North Philadelphia where he became permanently blind after being shot in the head at close range. This shooting resulted in Stoneface flat-lining twice on the operating table before he came back to life robbed of his eyesight. This traumatic event of has been documented and showcased on A&E’s hit television series, “I Survived… Beyond And Back”, where Stoneface and his family revisit that dreadful night in explicit detail. Shortly after the airing of “I Survived… Beyond And Back”, Stoneface, BP and Gemstarr Regime Records have crafted “The Stone Age”, which transports the listener to the Paleolithic Age of Hip Hop when mic skills were what kept you alive in the industry. Stoneface’s razor sharp cadences and thought-provoking slang, gift wrap every rhyme perfectly, keeping the listener on the edge of their seat while BP provides the rugged bass-driven soundscapes that connect seamlessly to deliver a rock-solid cohesive album experience. “The Stone Age” also features a long list of Hip Hop giants that include Freeway, Sadat X, Lil’ Fame (M.O.P.) and Ras Kass. Stoneface spoke about “The Stone Age” and it’s collaborations, saying “This album is my long-overdue debut and much needed contribution to the Hip Hop culture… every single verse, beat, interlude and guest appearance was well thought out and precisely chosen to enhance a particular chamber of “The Stone Age”… it was great to create timeless music with some old friends while establishing some new bonds with artists I deeply respect.”

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Client: GemStarr Regime
Year: November 3, 2017