Fear of Uncertainty

Fear of Uncertainty

Fear of Uncertainty from the Collection of Haunted Dreams

I’m trapped

in my Haunted Dreams

fear of the unknown

twisted realities

absence of light

the darkness of night was thick

you lay paralyzed mesmerized

in a state of confusion and shock

disbelief dismay of what could happen

where am i

frozen in time

frozen in fear

the fog surrounds the darkness

red eyes pierce into your soul

there’s no escape

trapped within your own fears

spirits wonder a never ending journey

I designed this piece, animated it and played the background music. Can be purchased at Foundation

gasmask life

Gas Mask

A Gas Mask I bought back in the dayz from this little skateboard shop in Astoria, Queens named Sideshow.

Gotta give it up to my lady for taking this ILL Pic! I also added some animation and I dig dugged in the vaults and found this throwback beat I made from back in da dayz! All came together pretty nice if I do say so myself. Can be purchased at
stand tall

Stand Tall

Photo that I took of a statue at Lake Eola Park in Orlando Florida.

Statue stands about nine feet tall on top of a pedestal and it's an oblong human with features getting smaller towards the top. The sculpture is titled “Monument in Right Foot Major” and is by artist Todji Kurtzman. I added some color effects to the photo and then I animated it. I also played some melodic sounds in the background just to give it that gritty feeling and titled my photo Stand Tall. Can be purchased at
fallout shelter

Fallout Shelter In The Basement

Fallout Shelter In The Basement

This is a photo I took of a sign that I would see on a daily basis when I lived in the Bronx. Very comforting if you ask me LOL. I distorted the colors and added some static animation fx. Can be purchased at Or On
angel from beyond

Angel From Beyond

The angel from beyond wanted to change a life

touch a soul change what was wrong make it right he tried, he tried, he tried again and again and again to no avail they looked down upon him saw him as evil telling him he needed change with all the chaos and turbulence around the world he needed to change his good was looked upon as bad now he was covered in scars & wounds bloodied and battered trying to fight the good fight to make what was wrong right but now he walks alone a dark path a long road you figure it out do the math we let our hate, envy and anger destroy the beauty around us we still have a chance will you take that first step or will this be the final dance I designed this piece animated it and played the background music. Can be purchased at Or On
Shroomz In Da Mist

Shroomz In Da Mist

These Shroomz In Da Mist were growing outside my apt

and I took several different pics of them and this was 1 of my favorite shots. Then I added some color effects and animations to bring them to life. I also added some fog fx and I took some audio from another video that I recorded when I was at the park and mashed it all together and we get Shroomz In Da Mist. Can be purchased at Or On
Crypto Bull is feeling very bullish

Crypto Bull

I created this Crypto Bull in preparation for the upcoming bull market.

He's hodl some of his favorite cryptos and patiently waiting to be let out the gate. Soon he will unleash his rampage and carnage throughout the markets on a moon mission to all time highs!!! Can be purchased at Or On

Thrasher HUF Worldwide

Thrasher HUF Worldwide Poster. Photo I took while I was walking around downtown Canal Street in New York City.

Ironically I’ve always skateboarded since I was young. I use to sometimes skate with Keith Hufnagel “RIP” which was the creator of the brand HUF. I instantly had a connection when I saw this poster and just had to take a few different shots for old times sake! Can be purchased at Or On
am i still alive

Am i still ALIVE

Am i still ALIVE is a piece I was working on for 1 of the homies.

He sent me different images of himself and I ended up just using his body as an outline and fitting this mask over his face and I added different textured effects to it. Then I blackened out his eyes and mouth and replaced his chest with this skeletal picture that I found. I also added some more cuts and bruises throughout the mask and body. He was also dropped off in an abandoned hallway. I wanted the artwork to put the viewer into a trance after staring at the piece for a while. Then I decided to animated it and I played some creepy background sounds just to give it that perfect ambient touch of death! So after all of this I showed my boy and he asked me


Can be purchased at Or On
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